Mogens Graae lived as a trapper in Northeast Greenland from 1946-1948. He lived in isolation and alone for long periods at the time, and in very harsh conditions. After his return, he had many ideas on how to improve explores conditions under Arctic conditions. He therefore founded the company Musk Ox and began to develop and produce survival clothing and other equipment for the Danish military – the Sirius patrol and expeditionary personnel. Sir Edmond Hillary and Fuchs, among others.

Timeless products have always fascinated Christian Graae. Products that emphasize old virtues and qualities. His grandfather Mogens Graae’s original Musk Ox designs fall into this category of products, and that is one of the reasons he chose to revive the company in 2014, and re-run Musk Ox in the spirit of his grandfather Mogens Graae.

Today Musk Ox is run following a sustainable 3rd generation strategy. For example, we use quality fabric that has already been produced, rather than producing new fabric. This way we contribute to less CO2 emissions.

Our products will not be available in physical stores or other online stores, but only through our own web shop www.muskoxdenmark.com. By cutting the retail link away, you will have the opportunity to buy our products 1/3 cheaper than one of our competitors’ products of similar quality already in retail stores.

Furthermore we offer Mortgage on our products. This means that you can always give the jacket back to us and get cash, or discount on another jacket in return. We will then repair the 2nd hand jacket and re-sell it on our web shop. By extending the life of the a jacket we are reducing the need to buy a new one, and in the long run this will reduce CO2 emissions, waste and the consumption of water for production.

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