With Musk Ox 3rd generation. Strategy we have chosen a completely new strategy that has never been seen before. It is a 100% retail free strategy where our products will not be available in physical stores or other online stores, but only through our own web shop www.muskoxdenmark.com.

All historical brands on the market today have all physical stores. This means that the prices are very high in relation to the production price, as there are several links that must earn on the product, such as the Agent / distributor and the retailer / store. By cutting the retail link away, you will have the opportunity to buy our products much cheaper than one of our competitors’ products of similar quality already in retail stores.

The large sums spent on branding today are also the reason that products in our eyes are too expensive, and we do not believe that today’s price structure is fair to the consumer. The consumer buys a brand today, not a product, as all the millions spent on print material, TV commercials, rent for expensive showrooms and flagship stores are reflected in the price of the product.

In addition to redesigns of Mogens Graae’s original designs, we will make our own designs. The same for our entire collection is that we want to make it as sustainable as possible. For example, the colors and fabrics of the composition for all our products will be in limited selection, as we will buy quality fabric that has already been produced rather than producing new fabric. By not producing new fabric ourselves, we will contribute to less CO2 emissions.

Furthermore we offer Mortgage on our products. This means that you can always give the jacket back to us and get cash, or discount on another jacket in return. We will then repair the 2nd hand jacket and re-sell it on our web shop. This way we encourage you to by less new products. By extending the life of the a jacket we are reducing the need to buy a new one, and this we will reduce CO2 emissions, waste and the consumption of water for production in the long run.